Simply Raw

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Art Direction, Branding, Design, Illustration, Logo and Identity, Package Design, Print


Art Director


Blending together simple ingredients with a bright outlook on life.

Colorful, energetic branding captures the brightness and vibrancy of these cold-pressed juices. Using eco-friendly tactile papers and inks, the package design reflects the pure and raw ingredients of Simply Raw. Inspired by 1960s and 70s mystical tarot card illustrations, the brand and package design exemplify the invigorating of the mind and body through clean eating and healthy living.

Chill out knowing you can drink fresh easy. Simply Raw offers fresh-pressed juices with home delivery. Juices are pressed same-day and the company’s juice-pressing pros needed a quick and efficient way to mark the requested flavors. The monochromatic package design lets the vibrant juice take center stage and show off its blended palette.