Last Hotel

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Services provided

Art Direction, Branding, Collateral Design, Copy Writing, Design, Environmental Signage, Illustration, Logo and Identity, Print, Social Media, Web Design


Art Director


Branded design focusing on material and careful, purposeful details.

A rich brand identity tells the story of The Last Hotel STL by harkening back to its architectural and fashion-driven roots. Housed in the historical International Shoe Company, the property is bursting with details and inspiration from an era when handsewn intricacies were a symbol of hard work and dedication to craft. The logo itself is inspired by cast-iron detail work within the space and supports patterns, icons, and ornaments that further visually narrate the story of the shoemakers and industrial workers of the era.

In order to translate the tactile- and material-focused brand to a digital environment, the website and social presence had to embody the hotel’s story through meaningful graphics and interactions. Layered photography and modern iconography on the website illustrates the craftsmanship of the property’s past while social media accounts share vintage pieces found when exploring the property and learning from its heirs.